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Stewart MacFarlane Paintings

Hardcover – 2012

Stewart MacFarlane Paintings by Nicholas Jose and Timothy Morrell surveys four decades of the artist’s work and includes over 200 colour plates. A figurative painter with nearly 50 solo exhibitions throughout the world, his stark, powerful, realistic style has propelled him into the upper echelons of contemporary Australian art.

Stewart MacFarlane: Riddles of Life

Hardcover – September 1, 1996

Still in full development and likely to become one of the most typical representatives of Australian figurative painting, Stewart MacFarlane is a notable contributor to the creation of an Australian identity. Dramatic, colourful, and sometimes shocking, MacFarlane’s paintings uncover the intense human dramas that run beneath the civilized order of society. In a framework of stark realism – a realism where recognizable Australian cityscapes, superbly evoked, sum up all Western urban life – the artist suddenly lets loose a surreality of human gesture and emotion, a cryptic enactment that seizes the viewer with its potency.