Stew Lane

Alongside MacFarlane’s passion for art has always been his love of music. This grew from early teen-age years, hearing Beatles, Stones and Kinks. This love was realised in live performances and recordings from the age of 18, when he joined his first band in Adelaide as the singer, in 1972.

Moving to Sydney, he joined Burlesque Review in 1975, appearing on an early episode of Countdown.

New York City was to be home later that year and once settled in another band was formed in 1976, Endgame, among whose members was Jesse Chamberlain on drums. (Jesse later went on to play with The Necessaries.)

In 1979, MacFarlane was working for Herb Abramson at A1 Recording Studio, in the Beacon Hotel. Herb was co-founder of Atlantic Records. Here he was able to record his own material and managed to get a recording deal with a small New York company called Just Friends. An album was released in France called ‘ Harder Than Wax’ in 1980. A single, Super-Karma, was released in Canada, in 1981. There were also two independent releases, PlayThis Song/ Perpetrator (Private Ear Records) and U.N.Rap Song. Live performances followed in Manhattan at legendary venues C.B.G.B.S, Max’s Kansas City, Hurrah and The Mudd Club. A move back to Australia brought a close to the Stew Lane chapter for MacFarlane.

The Fudds

Located in Melbourne in the early 1990s, MacFarlane wanted to perform and record again. Drawing on inspiration from his earliest influences, The Pretty Things, The Kinks and more, The Fudds was formed. Artist and musician, Chris Dyson played guitar, Rob Lovett, (founding member of The Loved Ones) played bass, Peter Robertson played drums and Vic Mavridis played rhythm.

Meet The Fudds was the first CD. It was recorded at Preston Studios and released and distributed by Shock Records in 1994.

The second CD, A Flourish Of Lollies, was released in 1997.

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